9 Tips for Keeping Your Storage Unit Clean

Your Storage Unit & Why You Should Keep It Clean

Storage units are an incredible option for individuals and families who need additional space for their belongings. Sometimes this may be due to downsizing or decluttering your home, or perhaps you’re moving to a new home soon and need a place to store your possessions in the interim.

Regardless of the reason for utilizing a storage unit, these facilities are meant to make your life easier. If your storage unit becomes messy, dirty, or disorganized, however, it could have the opposite effect and invite additional stress into your life. To keep your storage unit clean and your belongings safe, there are several simple things you should be sure to do.

9 Tips On Keeping It Clean:

1. Clean your belongings before putting them in storage.

Don’t put dirty, smelly, or damp items into your storage unit without cleaning and drying them first. Neglecting to do this puts your space at risk for unpleasant and stale smells, mold and mildew, and pests.

2. Store most items in containers.

When placing small- or medium-sized items in your storage unit, make sure they’re in sturdy containers such as plastic tubs. This has two major benefits: it helps with organization and stacking, and it also keeps moisture, dust, and pests away from your belongings. Ensure everything you place into boxes is completely dry.

3. Be careful what you store.

Don’t keep any food or perishable items in your storage unit, even for a short while. Not only can it go bad, turn moldy, and smell bad, but food can attract insects and rodents, which can be difficult to get rid of.

4. Keep things off the floor.

Wherever possible, store items on shelving or pallets to keep them from directly touching the floor. This protects your belongings in the case of a spill, flood, or any kind of leakage from an adjacent unit. It also helps with air circulation and organization.

5. Cover furniture.

Dust is inevitable in any space that sits undisturbed for long periods. To protect large items such as sofas, tables, and musical instruments from dust, debris, and damage, make sure they’re covered with at least a sheet.

6. Air it out.

If your storage unit opens directly to the outdoors, it’s easy to open the door for a few minutes while you visit and let fresh air into the space. Even if your unit opens up to an enclosed room, allowing for some air circulation can do wonders for eliminating dusty, old smells.

7. Label your belongings.

When you first move into your storage unit, it will seem easy to remember where everything is. However, after a short amount of time has passed, it will likely prove more difficult to find specific items you’re looking for. Make it easy for your future self and clearly label boxes and plastic tubs with their contents.

8. Keep cleaning products on hand.

Each time you visit your storage unit, it’s a good idea to do a bit of dusting and wipe down surfaces to keep everything clean. If you keep some wipes, sprays, and cloths inside your unit, it will be easy to remember to clean each time, and you won’t have to worry about bringing supplies from home. You may also want to have a can of insect repellent to spray around the perimeter of the space.

9. Reevaluate the contents.

Storage units seem spacious when you first walk in, but they can fill up quickly. Don’t keep accumulating items without periodically going through and donating old things you may not need anymore. Donating unneeded possessions is a great way to free up space while helping those in need.

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