Small Storage Units

Timpanogos Storage Small Storage Units

Some storage facilities in Utah are one-size-fits-all. This might work for anyone with a truckload of items and boxes to store, but not everyone needs so much space and the monthly bill that comes with it. Timpanogos Storage has a wide selection of storage unit sizes to match the number of belongings you need to store. One of our most popular choices is our 5’x’5×8’ units. In case you think these units may be too small, check out how to organize this kind of space and exactly how much it can hold.

Winter Gear and Equipment

Utah has some crazy weather: one moment it’s sunny, the next it’s raining, then it’s snowing! But during the winter months, you can experience some of the best skiing on Earth, as proven by the Olympics that were held here in 2002. In fact, the professionals still practice here. But when summer comes around, what do you do with your winter gear?

One of the last things you want to do is store your winter gear in a garage or home storage room where skis and snowboards can get scraped up, and gloves can go missing. Instead of dealing with difficult organization at home, our small storage units are perfect for seasonal storage. Bag up your winter clothes, wax your skis and boards, and box up your snow clothing for the coming year. This way, you will know exactly where everything is and how it is organized when it’s time to hit the slopes again.

Individual Bedroom and Student Storage

Not everyone in Wasatch County owns a home. And even then, not everybody owns an apartment by themselves. Small storage units are perfect for students and individuals that may be moving soon but need a place to keep some smaller belongings or boxes that don’t have room anywhere else. While you could probably only place a twin bed inside a storage unit of this size, there is plenty of room for boxes and plastic bins. With the right organization, you won’t have to worry about having easy access.

Organizing a Small Storage Unit

Speaking of organization, ensuring that you can have easy access to your belongings in a storage unit is worth the time it takes to do so. Some of the easiest steps to follow are:

  • Use the same size boxes for uniform storage.
  • Clearly label all of your boxes for easy identification.
  • Use differently colored plastic bins to color-code your items.
  • Be careful when stacking boxes, especially boxes that contain delicate belongings.
  • Purchase some shelves to help you access small boxes and totes that would be difficult to find otherwise.

Choose Timpanogos Storage in Heber City, UT

If you have any questions about how our 5’x5’x8’ storage units might work for you, give Timpanogos Storage a call. If you have any questions about our available sizes, we can give you a great idea about the size you need.