Storage Calculator

Timpanogos Storage of Heber City, Utah – Unit Sizes

Suggested Unit Sizes

Based on how much space your items could fill.

1 Room

5′ x 5′ x 8′

1 Bedroom Studio Apt.

5′ x 10′ x 8′

1 Bedroom House

5′ x 15′ x 8′

1-2 Bedroom House

10′ x 10′ x 8′

3-4 Bedroom House

10′ x 15′ x 8′

4-5 Bedroom House

10′ x 20′ x 8′

5 or more Bedroom House

10′ x 25′ x 8′

5 or more Bedroom House

10′ x 30′ x 8′

5 or more Bedroom House

12′ x 30′ x 8′

1 Vehicle (to be trailered)


Storage Calculator

Give us an idea of what you’ll be storing, and we’ll tell you how much space you might need.
Living Room
Air conditioner
Baby carriage
Chair, arm
Chair, straight
Chair, occasional
Chair, overstuffed
Chair rocking
Desk, writing
Desk, misc
Fireplace equip.
Sofa, 6ft.
Sofa, sectional/pc
Sofa, loveseat
Table, coffee
Table, end
Media center
TV, sm flat scrn
TV, lg flat scrn
Wall Unit
Kitchen & Dining Room
Washing machine
Buffet, base
Table, dining
Chair, dining
Table, small
Bed, bunk
Bed, double
Bed, single
Bed, king
Bed, queen
Bed, rollaway
Chair, BR
Chest, cedar
Cabinet, corner
Desk, BR
Dresser, single
Dresser, double
Box, all-purpose
Box, wardrobe
Box, legal tote
Box, book
File cabinet, 2 drw
File cabinet, 4 drw
File cabinet, cdbd
Golf bag
Hamper, clothes
Patio chair
Patio chaise lounge
Piano, baby grand
Piano, upright
Patio table
Table, game
Table, card
Rug, small
Rug, large
Sewing machine
Vacuum cleaner

How Big of a Storage Unit Do I Need?

Many of our customers want to rent personal storage but initially don’t know how big of a storage unit to get. Timpanogos Storage offers a variety of storage unit sizes meant to perfectly match your needs. We’ve created this storage calculator to help you understand what your storage requirements may look like based on your belongings. Simply make a note of how many of each item you’d like to place in storage, and the calculator will give you an estimate of how many cubic feet you will likely need. Smaller storage units have fewer cubic feet of storage potential, and larger units have more.

If you’re still feeling unsure, get in touch with us, and a Timpanogos Storage staff member will be happy to help you understand how much space you need.

Storage Unit Sizes

Timpanogos Storage is proud to offer storage units in a variety of sizes, ranging from 5’x5’ to 12’x30’, to provide a flexible and easy way to meet your storage needs. We break down our units into three categories: small, medium/large, and extra-large. Our small storage units are ideal for storing seasonal gear and equipment or the contents of a dorm room or other small space. These small units range in volume from 200 to 400 cubic feet. Our medium and large storage units can hold the contents of multiple rooms and range from 600 to 1600 cubic feet. Our extra-large storage units are our biggest storage option available, with a volume of 2000 to over 2800 cubic feet. These units can hold an entire house’s furnishings as well as vehicles and small RVs. The interior space of each storage unit is approximately 9 to 10 feet high, depending on the location of your storage unit. Take a look at the table below to find what size of storage unit we recommend based on the number of cubic feet of storage space you need.

Cubic Feet You RequireUnit Size Recommendation
240 cubic feet5’x5’ (can hold approximately one room’s worth of items)
500 cubic feet5’x10’ (can hold about a one-bedroom studio apartment)
600 cubic feet5’x15’ (can hold about a studio or one-bedroom apartment)
800 cubic feet10’x10’ (can hold about 3 rooms or 2 furnished bedrooms)
1200 cubic feet10’x15’ (can hold about 4 rooms or 3 furnished bedrooms)
1600 cubic feet10’x20’ (can hold about 4 bedrooms or a vehicle)
2000 cubic feet10’x25’ (can hold about 6 rooms or 4 furnished bedrooms)
2400 cubic feet10’x30’ (can hold about a fully furnished four-bedroom home and garage)
2880 cubic feet12’x30’ (can hold about an entire household)

Storage Units in Heber City, Utah

Timpanogos Storage is located in the heart of Heber Valley and offers convenient access to residents of Heber City, Midway, Park City, and the surrounding areas. You can feel confident in the safety and security of your belongings with our state-of-the-art security system. Our secure storage facility features ten-foot walls, 24/7 video surveillance, keypad entry, and an onsite facility manager. We also offer temperature-controlled units to protect delicate items from heat, cold, and the elements. Timpanogos Storage is committed to providing you with easy, no-hassle storage solutions. Contact us today to learn more from one of our storage experts.