5 Surprising Business Uses for Storage Units

Photography studio with equipment set up

Storage units have long been used for personal storage; however, they’re increasing in popularity for commercial use as well. The possibilities for storage unit use are truly endless, but we’ve collected a few examples of how businesses can utilize storage units to make operations more efficient.

Storage Use Examples

1. Photography Equipment

Although a few professional photographers manage to perform their craft with just a camera, odds are that your photography business requires a lot of specialized equipment, which can build up over the years and require a lot of space to store. Tripods, flashes, backdrops, and other tools can be kept safe and accessible in a secure storage unit.

2. Inventory

Retail businesses often find it advantageous to carry a lot of inventory on hand. Unfortunately, that can take up a lot of space in your home, office, or store. Retail businesses can take advantage of flexibility and security by storing excess inventory in a dedicated storage unit—keeping your goods out of the way but always accessible. Online shops can use storage space for goods, while in-person storefronts frequently make use of storage units to stow mannequins, clothing racks, displays, and other supplies not needed year-round.

3. Craft Supplies

Are you a painter, quilter, sculptor, or potter? It’s becoming increasingly popular (and easy!) for makers and artisans to start their own small businesses with online shops and social media. Storing all the necessary crafting equipment can be a struggle, especially when many artists don’t have a dedicated office or workspace outside of their homes. Storage units can be an easy and close-by option to always keep your materials and inventory on hand while re-claiming that spare room in your home or apartment.

4. Document Storage

These days, most documents are stored and accessed digitally, but many business owners still opt to keep paper copies of important files and legal documents on hand as a backup. Unfortunately, this can take up a lot of space in the office. Storage units are a reliable option to keep these papers out of the way until they’re needed.

5. Construction and Landscaping Equipment

Companies that perform construction and landscaping work require a lot of tools and equipment to do their jobs well. A storage unit is a convenient option for these businesses to store general tools as well as everything from lawnmowers and leaf blowers to lumber and sheetrock. With this solution, workers can take only what they need for each specific job instead of keeping everything in their work truck, meaning more materials can be kept on hand.

Storage Units for Businesses

When choosing a storage unit for your business, it’s important to think through what exactly your needs will be and find an option that fits them. It’s generally wise to seek out a unit with high security, such as round-the-clock surveillance cameras and electronic gate access. For delicate items, it’s good to find a temperature-controlled unit that maintains specific temperature levels to keep your goods safe from damage. Depending on your needs, you can also find storage units in a wide variety of sizes, that are open 24 hours a day, or that have drive-up access.

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