Moving is always bitter-sweet. There’s the thrill of moving somewhere new and exciting, and the sorrow of leaving behind the people we know and love. Packing up your house can be a stressful and difficult time. You may have to leave behind or throw away things that you have outgrown to make room for perhaps better things along the way.

With Timpanogos U-Haul Trailers, you’ll know that what you keep is in good hands on its way to its intended destination. If you’re moving to or from Heber City, Utah, Timpanogos Storage is the best choice for an affordable, convenient, and prompt trailer rental service. We have a range of options that cover all your possible need: enclosed trailers for the secure transportation of all your fragile and valuable items, open trailers for building and landscaping materials and any other bulky items, car trailers with EZ ramps to load and unload your vehicle, and motorcycle trailers that are compact, lightweight, and easy to tow.

Our Available Trailers for Rent

Cargo Trailers

Timpanogos Storage has cargo trailers that have been engineered to be aerodynamic, lightweight, and fuel-efficient. A wide range of vehicles can tow these cargo trailers. You can choose between three sizes of these enclosed trailers to find just the right fit for your situation.

Utility Trailers

Utility trailers are open trailers. They can be used to tow bulky furniture, building materials, materials for a home renovation project, or even RVs. Companies also hire our trailers in Heber City, Utah, for their trade show events or deliveries. Utility trailers come in a range of sizes, all of which are lightweight enough to be pulled by most vehicles.

Car Trailers

Are you moving long-distance with a U-Haul truck and need to get your vehicle to your new destination? Instead of driving your vehicle, which will add a lot of needless mileage and wear and tear to your car, impacting its resale value, a great idea is to tow a car trailer behind the U-Haul. We have two car trailer options: tow-dolly that attaches to the front wheels of your car, or our auto-transport, where the car is parked on a sturdy, elevated platform with wheels. The tow-dolly is the more economical option, though both are affordable. Either of these will work perfectly for most cars and is a convenient way to get your car from point A to B.

Motorcycle Trailers

Motorcycle trailers are lightweight and easy to tow, and they come with a ramp that lets you load and unload your motorcycle conveniently. These trailers have integrated wheel chocks to secure the front wheel of your vehicle, while heavy-duty, tied-down rings provide ample support to even the heaviest of motorbikes.


Timpanogos Storage carries the Towing Starter Kit, which includes practically anything you need to attach a trailer to your 2” receiver hitch! The kit includes a 2” ball, 58” pin and clip, and 2-14” drop ball mount, and it can tow up to 7,500 lbs. Most full-sized vehicles come with a 6-way round connection for trailer lighting. U-Haul trailers require a 4-way flat connection. With the Nite-Glow Adapter, you can easily connect any of our U-Haul trailers to your 7-way round vehicle outlet.
Have you lost your hitch pin or are you worried about the theft of your hitch? Secure your ball mount or receiver cover with a Master Lock pivot-lock hitch pin. It fits both 1-¼” and 2” receivers and is designed to provide security for the vehicle from theft.

Rent a Trailer from Timpanogos Storage in Heber City, UT

Renting any of our trailers is simple and hassle-free at Timpanogos Storage. We believe in providing amazing customer service. Visit us or get in touch today to discuss your trailer rental and towing needs.