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Excellent U-Haul Truck and Van Options for Moving Locally and Nationally

If you recognize the brand name, it’s because U-Haul is synonymous with high-quality trucks, trailers, and vans that have helped individuals and businesses move belongings and hardware. Timpanogos Storage is a U-Haul partner that helps our Heber City community get where it needs to go.

College students and small families will love our spacious vans, especially if they worry about packing furnishings into a large and overly spacious truck where things might slide around. But if you require the room and strength of a U-Haul van, we have seven different options available depending on the size of the delivery. From vans to 26-foot automatic transmission trucks, we have the vehicle for you.

Our vehicles start at $19.95 per day, plus mileage. And because we have a large selection of moving trucks to choose from, we always have an option that works best for you.

The Advantage of U-Haul

When you rent a U-Haul vehicle, you will quickly see the U-Haul advantage:

  • Additional tools available, including dollies, boxes, and blankets to protect delicate furnishings
  • Interior rub rails for keeping objects secure
  • The ability to pay over the phone and schedule your time to pick up your vehicle
  • For long-distance deliveries, you can return the U-Haul truck to any U-Haul dealer near your destination

The vehicles themselves also come standard with many different features to give you comfort while you’re on the road:

  • Dependable automatic transmission
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Carefully engineered Gentle-ride Suspension for a smooth drive
  • Cruise control for an easy drive on the highway
  • Fuel-efficient V8 engines that will save you money on mileage
  • Airbags to keep you protected no matter what

Moving Truck Rental Options

At Timpanogos Storage, we understand that every moving situation is different and requires different equipment. Just like how we offer a wide variety of storage unit sizes, we also provide multiple sizing options for moving truck rentals from U-Haul. Smaller moves may utilize our compact cargo vans for moving lighter loads to a new location, while families or businesses with more items to move can use our 26-foot moving trucks.

To give you an idea of the sizes of vehicle interiors you can expect from U-Haul, here is a glimpse at the smaller and larger rental vehicles we offer.

Cargo Van

Our U-Haul cargo vans are a perfect option for individuals, families, and businesses who need a specialized moving vehicle but don’t have enough items to fill up the space of a full-size moving truck. These vans are great for making business deliveries across town and avoiding store delivery fees for one-off items like mattresses (they can fit a queen-size), kitchen tables, washing machines and dryers, or other large furniture. They’re often used for smaller moves to or from studio or one-bedroom apartments. These cargo vans are a great option for students with fewer belongings who are moving to a new dorm room or apartment while at a university. These mid-size vans are 9 feet long with a maximum interior width of 5 ½ feet. Pick up one of our cargo vans today for an easy, convenient, and dependable moving option!

Common items that can be moved in a cargo van include:

  • Boxes of clothing, books, and decor
  • Mattresses up to queen size
  • Business inventory
  • Tables and desks
  • Pianos and other large instruments
  • Dishwashers, washing machines, and clothes dryers

26’ Truck

For those who need more space, our full-size U-Haul moving trucks are the right option. These 26-foot-long trucks have a larger vehicle interior and storage capacity than the cargo van, making them the ideal choice for bigger moves. Built to hold an incredible amount of furniture and boxes, these trucks are great for moving family homes or large businesses. Our large trucks are especially beneficial for long-distance moves where taking multiple trips isn’t an option, since all items can be loaded at once. These moving trucks have a low deck and a long, easy-load ramp for convenient loading, and are 7 feet 9 inches in height and capable of carrying up to 13,000 pounds. You can plan on fitting four or more rooms’ worth of furnishings in these trucks.

Common items that can be moved in a 26-foot truck include:

  • Reclining chairs and furniture sets
  • Dining sets
  • King size mattresses
  • Desks and coffee tables
  • Sectional sofas

U-Haul Rental Truck FAQs

At Timpanogos Storage, we’re a Neighborhood U-Haul Dealer. We have seven different vehicle types, but we also offer trailers, cargo vans, dollies for moving, boxes, and blankets. We have everything you could need for your next move.

With every truck rental, we include a free hand cart to make your move as easy as possible. Our U-Haul trucks also come equipped with interior rub rails, which help keep boxes and furniture secure during your move.

U-Haul trucks are equipped with many features that other brands may not carry. When you rent a U-Haul truck from us, you’ll be getting a dependable automatic transmission. All our U-Haul trucks also have gentle-ride suspension, cruise control, and air conditioning and heating to make your journey comfortable. U-Haul trucks are also extremely fuel-efficient, which helps our customers save more money on mileage rates. All U-Haul trucks also come with airbags to ensure your safety during your move.

Yes. If you’re looking around for the best value, we can help you by providing free quotes for any truck or van rental. Come see us in person or give us a call to get a free quote!

Our cargo vans cost $19.95 to rent plus mileage. They are one of our most affordable vehicle rentals. Our cargo vans can also be rented 24/7, making them the perfect option for when an emergency pops up and you need to move things quickly. For more prices on our other vehicles, reach out to us.

The size of your rental vehicle should depend on the size of your move. If you’re an individual moving or a family or business that just needs to get a few things from point A to point B, a cargo van is probably the best option for you. But if you’re planning a big move and need space for all your home’s furniture items and boxes, consider renting a truck instead, especially if you have a large family.

Besides the typical U-Haul rental truck, you can also rent other U-Haul products from us, including enclosed trailers, cargo trailers, utility trailers, car trailers, and motorcycle trailers. No matter what you need to move, we have a vehicle rental option to suit your needs.

Yes! Renting, returning, and paying for a rental U-Haul truck is extremely easy. U-Haul makes it easier than ever by taking advantage of technology. Simply use your phone to rent your U-Haul truck. You can also use your phone to return your truck once you’re finished, pick it up, and pay for your rental.

Timpanogos Storage: Your Trusted U-Haul Dealer in Heber City, UT

If you have a move coming up and need a reliable form of transportation to protect your belongings and get you to your destination, give us a call. Timpanogos Storage is proud to be your community U-Haul neighborhood dealer, and we have your back. Not only are we an authorized U-Haul dealer, but we received the Top 100 Award of Achievement from U-Haul in September 2020. This award is one of the highest compliments, as it is given to less than 2% of U-Haul dealers nationwide. Our superior service, secure units, and competitive rates really rise above the rest. Contact us today for a free quote on the size of vehicle to fit your moving needs!