Timpanogos Storage Unit Sizes

Off-site storage units provide homes, businesses, and offices a temporary place to store important belongings without having to worry about their present and future condition. That is what we offer at Timpanogos Storage: secure storage that safeguards your important items and protects them from the elements. Timpanogos Storage prides itself on the unit size options we offer our clients.

With so many storage unit sizes to choose from, we understand it can be difficult to select the correct unit without underestimating or overestimating the price and space. This guide can help you decide which unit would work best for your needs.

If you expect the number of stored items to remain constant, there isn’t usually a need to choose an oversized storage unit. But if you foresee your storage requirements changing over time, a larger unit can give you the wiggle room necessary to avoid moving everything once again. As always, don’t hesitate to ask us about your options and availability.

Suggested Unit Sizes

Trying to size up the space of a storage unit by footage alone is fairly challenging. Instead, we offer estimates to compare the amount of space available to the belongings stored in an average apartment or household. As we are moving and storage specialists, you can also use our storage calculator to give you a more accurate suggestion based on an item-by-item breakdown. As you can see below, we also offer vehicle storage for cars, trucks, ATVs, and more.

*No Outside or RV Storage

In the meantime, here are the suggested storage unit sizes we recommend:

1 Small Closet

5′ x 5′ x 8′

1 Small Room

5′ x 10′ x 8′


5′ x 15′ x 8′

1-2 Bedroom House

10′ x 10′ x 8′

3-4 Bedroom House

10′ x 15′ x 8′

4-5 Bedroom House

10′ x 20′ x 8′

5 or more Bedroom House

10′ x 25′ x 8′

5 or more Bedroom House

10′ x 30′ x 8′

5 or more Bedroom House

12′ x 30′ x 8′

1 Vehicle (to be trailered)

10′ x 20′ x 8′ or Larger

Whether you need space while moving from home to home, protecting your belongings from the elements, or for storing seasonal items like climbing or winter equipment, Timpanogos Storage has the storage unit space to get the job done without breaking your wallet.

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We know the burden that families and individuals can feel when they run out of room to store everything important. That’s why Timpanogos Storage offers secure storage facilities in Heber City, Midway, and the surrounding communities. The variety of our storage unit sizes means we have the space you need to fit your belongings perfectly.

Give Timpanogos Storage a call today and ask us about our current availability. We will never tie you down with contracts and obligations, making us your number-one storage solution.